Contact Center Consulting

Get Help with Contact Center Strategy and Implementation

Tired of consultants telling you what to do but not telling you how to do it? This frustrates us as well.

We listen to and understand your customer experience requirements, think deeply about possible solutions, develop practical “how to” actions and then help you implement these recommendations.

contact center consulting services

How Can Cupola Help You?

We provide contact center consulting help to you in three different ways:

Contact Center Certifications

Get help implementing any global or regional contact center certification. We mostly focus on:

contact center certification

Contact Center Advisory

Get help setting up your own contact center.

Take advantage of our 25 years of contact center experience to help you optimize your technology, staffing structure, KPIs and intangibles that you may not have thought of.

Contact Center Audit

See how your contact center compares relative to international and regional standards.

We provide “how to” solutions to deal with any gaps uncovered in an audit.