Education CX Solutions

Don’t Miss Any Calls Related to Your Schools

Worried that you might be missing potential enrollment inquiries or parent queries outside regular office hours? Our live UAE-based agents ensure that you are able to pick up the phone every time in Arabic or English.

You can choose between flexible contact center coverage options to suit your needs and budget. This includes 24-hour coverage for all days of the week because the educational experience goes beyond the school day.

Be Prepared for Enrollment Inquiries

Due to our experience in the education sector, our agents are well trained to handle inquiries related to enrollment. We can also ramp up and provide help during busy periods such as near the beginning of the school year.

education cx solutions

Provide CX Support to Your Students and their Parents

Your students and their parents need a greater level of support now. Providing a helpline will help deal with the added complexities of remote learning and the increased use of technology in education.

Your helpline can also handle all routine questions related to classes, buses and teachers. For more complicated matters, we can route these to the right members of your team.

Collect Parent Feedback

Parents want the best for their kids. Selection of schools can often come down to small details. We can help you conduct surveys to understand their challenges and levels of satisfaction.

How Can Cupola Help You?

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your school’s contact center.