Outsourced Email Support

Email is Becoming More Popular as a Customer Experience Channel

If you are a global brand or an online business, your customers almost certainly expect email as a customer experience channel.

Convenient for Your Customer and Cost Efficient for You

Email is convenient for your customers because the entire interaction is on their terms. Your customer can do other things after sending their email and does not have to wait on hold to get a response.

For you, email is an efficient way to provide support. Agents can answer emails in between live interactions on other contact channels such as phone or chat.

cupola outsourced email support

Get Relevant Email Software Directly from Us to Manage Interactions

It’s hard to find good off-the-shelf software that manages email interactions. For example, your customer may email your support team with a request. This may not get resolved in the first email back from your team. With regular email software like Outlook, it will be very difficult to keep track of that email and have multiple team members respond to the original request.

Fortunately, we have developed our own email software specifically to manage CX interactions taking place on email. You can:

  • Receive accurate reports on relevant metrics like “time to respond”
  • Measure your customer satisfaction (CSAT)
  • Keep track a single request, complaint or issue across multiple team members

Collect Data to Distribute Important Information for Your Business

Using email as a CX channel is a good way to collect up-to-date contact details for your customers. By having valid email addresses on existing customers, you will more easily be able to send relevant news, information and marketing to your customer base.

How Can Cupola Help You?

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