Government CX Solutions

Work with an Expert in Government Customer Experience Solutions

Take advantage of our years of experience working with many government entities on the federal level and in each of the seven Emirates. We are a homegrown UAE company that has been focused on providing contact center and customer experience (CX) services in the UAE for 25 years.

Make Your Contact Center Even Better

Whether you are looking to increase the productivity, reduce the cost or improve the quality of your contact center, we can help. We have delivered a track record of complicated projects including transforming the customer experience for several leading UAE government entities including Dubai’s transport authority, several UAE public utilities and the UAE’s main financial regulator.

Set Up at Your Location or Our Location

We can operate from your existing contact center site or we can move your contact center to our large purpose built, ISO 19825 certified facility in Dubai Outsource City. Either way, we will provide a team of UAE based agents who can speak in Arabic (Emirati accent) and English.

Your Data is Secure

No need to worry about your data being secure locally. All of our data centers and back up sites are based in the UAE. We also follow strict ISO 27001 information security standards.

Increase Your Ratings in Global Star Rating System or Dubai Model

As a UAE Government entity, you can expect to improve significantly after working with us on the Global Star Rating System and Dubai Model (if you are a Dubai Government entity). We have a track record of increasing the ratings of many of our clients.

How Can Cupola Help You?

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your government contact center.