Call Center Outsourcing Services

Voice is Core in Dealing with Your Customers’ Most Complicated and Urgent Needs

Most customers go directly to the phone when things feel complicated or need immediate action. Your customers feel more confident that a live human being can help them more than anything else when it comes to important matters.

This idea is even more relevant in our region where hospitality, warmth and human touch is a big part of the culture.

Phone (or voice) is a support channel that you can’t choose to ignore. We recommend it as a key part of your customer experience (CX) strategy.

cupola call center outsourcing services

Benefit from the Best Voice Technology Available

Your customers will benefit from the latest and most robust voice technology available in the world. We have invested in best in class contact center technology.

You automatically get call recording and quality monitoring with our offering. You can add on other features like computer telephony integration (CTI) and workforce management depending on your budget.

If you are looking for something more cutting edge, we also offer speech recognition capabilities. This new technology can identify common customer trends or lower quality calls faster for you using word and sentiment analysis.

How Can Cupola Help You?

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