IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Assist and Guide Your Customers Using IVR Self-Service

IVRs enable your customers to use self-service to address their queries when they call your contact center. Even complicated transactions can get done using an IVR depending on your budget.

IVRs can help your customers in many ways, including the following:

  • Providing their customer account information (e.g. checking bank balance or outstanding bills)
  • Enabling them to make payments for your services (e.g. paying bills)
  • Requesting physical documents (e.g. receiving physical bill copies to their registered address)
  • Making changes to their customer accounts
  • Providing feedback through after-call surveys

Make Your Customers Happier and Your Live Agents More Productive

While IVRs can handle some complicated transactions, some interactions may still require live agents. Giving your customer the option to speak to a live agent also allows them to get the experience they prefer. Either a quick solution from an IVR or a detailed answer from a well-trained and knowledgeable agent.

Adding an IVR to your contact center reduces your agents’ workload. You get better service levels because live agents can focus on the most complicated customer queries. For interactions that need an agent, the IVR can smoothly transition the interaction to the agent with all of the customer context.

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Don’t Make Your Customers Wait

IVRs greatly increase your ability to reply to your customers at any time. You can use them to provide 24/7 support.

Transactional or Informational IVR?

There are two main types of IVR: transactional and informational.

Transactional IVRs are two-way IVRs (sometimes known as intelligent IVRs) that connect with databases. These IVRs are used to complete more complicated transactions that require the look up of information from a database.

Informational IVRs are simple one-way IVRs (also known as automatic call distributors or ACDs). These IVRs are more budget friendly. They are useful in providing informational announcements to your customers or in routing them to relevant live agents depending on the customer’s IVR selection.

We can implement both transactional and informational IVRs for you.

Consider Optional Technology to Enhance the Customer Experience

You can enhance your IVR set up by adding the option to deflect call in the IVR to WhatsApp. If your customer is on hold in the call center queue too long, you can offer to transfer them to WhatsApp messaging if the customer has WhatsApp through your IVR.

How Can Cupola Help You?

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