SMS for Contact Centers

SMS is an Effective Way to Communicate with Your Customers

SMS is an effective but under-used CX tool. Your customers understand SMS. They can also easily open SMS messages without any third party apps.

In fact, SMS is one of the most trusted channels that you have to communicate with your customers. SMS messages have an open rate of over 90%.

Improve the Customer Experience Through SMS Notifications

Perhaps the best way to update your customer on their customer support ticket status is through outbound SMS notifications. Whether it is to provide a ticket number for the request, update on progress or close the ticket, your customers will appreciate the SMS update.

No need to worry about opt-in lists. Transactional SMS is not considered marketing. Your customers want to receive updates about their appointments and transactions.

Many Uses That Will Help Your Business

SMS can be used in many different ways to help your business:

  • Reduce missed revenue through automated appointment reminders
  • Improve collections through automated reminders about upcoming payments
  • Reduce risk of fraud by sending financial transaction confirmations
  • Request updated documentation or contract renewals before expiry
  • Collect for feedback through surveys on products or service delivered
  • Increase customer satisfaction through welcome and courtesy messages

How Can Cupola Help You?

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