Mystery Shopping

Find Out How Well Your Customers are being Served

Ever wonder what level of service your customers are really receiving from your in-store staff or your call center?

No need to wonder anymore because we conduct discreet quality checks for any type of process or interaction across all customer touchpoints (phone, chat, in-person, etc.).

Our Mystery Shopping service will help you measure the voice of the customer (VOC). Understanding your customer’s voice will allow you to identify strengths and weaknesses in your service. You can then use this valuable customer feedback to make changes that improve your customer experience.

Mystery Shopping Solution Tailored to Your Business

You may require quality checks to be done on the phone, at a store/outlet or online. We can provide solutions across all customer touchpoints if required.

We can design an assessment for mystery shoppers on your behalf to follow related to a number of typical customer scenarios and report back on the observations. These scenarios can range from queries to requests to complaints. Or we can simply take your assessment form and discretely perform the mystery shopping.

Mystery shopping illustration

Well Trained Mystery Shoppers

We use well trained mystery shoppers who know how to perform checks discretely. These mystery shoppers can fit a wide range of demographics, if required and depending on your budget.

Avoid Staff Becoming Aware of the Mystery Shopping

We take care to make sure that the mystery shopping does not alert your staff or business of any assessment.

In addition to using well trained mystery shoppers, we ensure interactions that are assessed are done using random sampling, at random time intervals and dates and using different phone numbers (if applicable). The randomness also makes sure that the results of the mystery shopping are more reliable and unbiased.

How Can Cupola Help You?

Contact us now to learn more about how we can help you with mystery shopping for your business.