Order Taking

Centralized Order Taking System

As a multi-location F&B brand, why maintain multiple ordering touchpoints for your customer? Phone numbers for each of your locations combined with different food aggregators creates confusion for your customers and your restaurant employees.

We help you by developing and implementing a centralized ordering system that captures orders from all customer channels including online aggregators, phone, mobile apps and email.

Increase Efficiency by Integrating with Your POS System

Expect cost savings and efficiency gains by integrating your order system with your Point-Of-Sale (POS) system. You will eliminate the daily need for restaurant employees to re-enter and reconcile orders from food aggregator portals or phone calls.

We have successfully delivered the most complicated integrations including integration with Oracle’s MICROS POS system for restaurants.

Better Experience for Your Customers and Employees

You will benefit from an improved customer experience at your restaurant because your employees will be able to focus on the customer experience for in-store customers.

By having the right ordering technology and contact center team, your restaurant employees will no longer need to spend time taking home delivery orders, coordinating with delivery partners or re-entering delivery orders into your POS system.

The overall order experience will also improve for your customer. Previous orders and customer information can easily be pulled up by an agent to create a more personalized ordering experience.

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