Case Study

Set up and manage HP's only direct sales & repair outlet in the Middle East

Situation Overview

  • Hewlett-Packard (HP) conceived of the HP Total Care Center (TCC), an HP-owned service, support and product store that focused on delivering market leading after sales care to HP customers in a premium environment while complimenting their existing technical support services
  • As a long standing client and partner of Cupola, HP approached us to provide a turnkey solution for setting up their new service support and customer experience center in Dubai, including site selection, recruitment, training and complying with local regulations


  • Deliver a superior solution relative to HP’s existing retail channel partners in London and Istanbul
  • Establish and operate a high end retail outlet with a technical repair lab that provides dedicated HP products and 48 hour turnaround repair services – a first for HP in the region

Cupola Approach

  • In close collaboration with HP, Cupola identified the optimal location, designed the outlet and built the retail store
  • Simultaneously, we recruited the management and technical staff and provided the necessary training
  • We developed a customized technology-enabled application with modules that improved the customer experience, provided full integration of TCC with all HP channels, gave customers real time repair status and enabled management to handle the staffing and scheduling of technicians
  • The software was purchased from us by HP to use for its global operations


  • Cupola successfully established the first Total Care Center for HP in the Middle East
  • We provided a comprehensive turnkey solution
  • Under our management
    • Sales of HP products grew on a monthly basis
    • Turnaround time for repairs were reduced from 3-7 days to same day repair
    • Customer Satisfaction Index increased from 60% (pre-TCC) to 85% within 6 months of operations
  • TCC became the preeminent location for any brand-related requirement, including product trainings, media launches and PR support functions
  • The model is now highly sought after by competitors